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Her 2 latest exterior mural projects are chronicled below. The 55' "Clearwater Mural" was completed over a 45-day period. The "Grapefruit Mural" is a private commission by a Floridan resident and comprised 2 entryway wall panels.

Ana has collaborated on a dozen murals on both the west and east coasts, from Seattle to Tampa. She specializes in interior and exterior murals of any size in addition to mural restoration of existing works.


The artist's largest solo project to date is the Clearwater Mural (Clearwater, Florida). It it located on the west wall of Honka Automotive (1266 Court Street) and required a total of 45 days to complete⸺during Florida's hot and humid hurricane season. To the right is a slideshow of 45 days of mural progress:

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clearwater mural

private residence, clearwater, fl

Ana is available for interior and exterior mural commissions in the Tampa Bay area.

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court street, clearwater , fl

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Ana Livingston

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A local Florida resident commissioned Ana to paint what would become The Grapefruit Mural on two walls in the entryway of his newly-remodeled home. He explained how he loved grapefruit and wanted to be able to view these beauties a block from his home. Ana delivered, and at the left is a slideshow of the 8 days of mural progress. For more information and a daily log of the mural's progress:

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