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It is Ana's broad goal to assist in creating a New Artistic Renaissance. Therefore she actively works to unite and support other artists around the globe. It is her belief that any help given to individual artists will be repaid in abundance, in the form of an improved appreciation of art and the uplifting of culture⸺one person at a time.

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Ana is an accomplished award-winning artist whose art career has spanned over three decades. She has the ability to paint varying subject matter in many diverse styles.Her commissioned pieces can be found in private collections across the US.

Please browse tabs above for examples of her murals, paintings and drawings. She is also adept in basic design and website creation. For more info, please visit her official website or contact the artist.

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"Ana is creativity and organization in motion. A rare person who has both qualities generally not found under the same roof. She will get you whatever you are looking for."
-Pat Luefan, Sales and Marketing Consultant

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Ana Livingston

"Ana is not only a great artist, totally dedicated to her work, but she backs it up with a great personality. What a combination!"
-Norbert Heuser, Owner, KS Audio
"Ana is an incredible artist. Her work on wall murals in downtown Clearwater, Florida has created an aesthetic environment for the entire community. I recommend her without reservation."
-P. Christopher Music, CEO, Ecologics
"Thank you so much. I love the artwork! My sisters are jealous and want to ship you to Ohio to do their houses. Thanks again; it's just what I imagined!"
-S.M., private homeowner; 2-panel Grapefruit Mural commission


"As an artist/muralist Ana is unique. She has an almost mystical ability to 'intuit' exactly what you want - even when you don't know and/or can't explain yourself; and the technical expertise to carry it off. Her work never ceases to amaze."
-Bob Georgius, Editor in Chief at Voice of the Village
"Ana is a fabulous muralist - and artist in general - whose attention to detail and determination to "do it right the first time" is commendable. Highly recommended."
-Randall Gillion, Producer-Writer-Director-Editor @ RGPmedia
fine artist
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